CamLabs Prepared Microscope Slides with Specimens for Kids & Biology Students | 25 Plant & Animal Glass Slides with Wooden Storage Box
$17.99 $24.99

  • ✅ RICH VARIETY OF SPECIMENS – Includes 25 premade slides of well-preserved specimens sealed with cover slips.
  • ✅ LABELLED SPECIMENS – Each slide specimen is well-prepared, accurately labeled, and easy to identify.
  • ✅ CLEAR OBSERVATION – It is made from clean and highly transparent optical glass material for clear viewing.
  • ✅ SAFE MATERIAL – Each microscope slide guarantees safety with its lead-free and smooth, rounded edges.
  • ✅ FITTED WOODEN STORAGE BOX - The microscope slides come with a beautiful wooden box for easy storage and safekeeping.
  • ✅ PERFECT GIFT FOR KIDS - Spark your child’s interest in science with this unique gift of lab accessories.

Discover a whole new world under the microscope lens

Cultivate curiosity by piquing your kids’ interest in science and microbiology. Allow them to explore and discover the microscopic world through our prepared microscope slides that contain 25 varieties of well-preserved and well-labeled animal and plant specimens sealed with cover slips.

Each glass slide is safety-tested and optimized for clear viewing and easy identification. It is also compatible with all microscope models including microscopes for kids! To top it all off, it also comes with a carved wood storage case to keep the slides safe and in pristine condition.


The wooden box kit includes but is not limited to the following specimens:

  • Plant cell slides (Eg: stem of monocotyledon, leaf of Digger Pine, sporophyll of Ferns, leaf of Winter Jasmine, etc)
  • Insect or bug specimens (Eg: Mosquito larva, Common Fruit Fly larva, House Fly wing, etc)
  • Animal specimen (Eg: Grasshopper foot, Housefly leg, Honeybee wing, etc)
  • Cell slides (Ex: Ciliated Epithelium, Skeletal Muscle, Kidney, Spleen, etc)

Let the scientist in you or introduce your young scientist to explore the wonders of the microscopic world of plants and animals! Make learning more fun by letting your child explore and learn about biology using our educational microscope slides kit. Click Add to Cart now!

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