CamLabs Microscope for Kids - 3 Magnification Levels - 40x, 100x, 400x - Includes 25 Specimen Slides, Science Experiments & Accessories - Portable Student Microscope
$89.99 $159.99

  • ✅ ACADEMIC QUALITY KIT - Your kids can perform real STEM science experiments with our professional grade compound microscope set. The kit includes 25 prepared slides, plus all the tools your child needs to create their own specimen slides including: blank slides, cover slips and slide labels.
  • ✅ INTERCHANGEABLE EYEPIECES - Our premium kit has 2 interchangeable eye lenses. A 10x zoom and a 16x zoom lens. That means you get twice the zoom options compared to other microscopes: 40x, 64x, 100x, 160x, 400x and an incredible 640x. Use the lens cleaning paper for crystal clear views every time.
  • ✅ PORTABLE OR DESKTOP FUN - We offer a dual powered microscope that works with both batteries (included) and an electric power plug. Your children can do cordless field work and check out samples on the go or plug the microscope in at their desk to analyze and study without wasting battery life.
  • ✅ LOTS OF EXPERIMENTS – Every microscope kits comes with 7 “The Amazing Micro-World” experiments set ($19.99 value) and 25 high quality scientific specimen slides ($18.99 value) filled with fun and colorful experiments that will keep your little one entertained for hours. Through our interchangeable eyepieces, they’ll see high quality images of different specimens from everyday objects to amazing biological specimens that they wouldn’t be able to see outside of an academic research setting.
  • ✅ THE GIFT OF LEARNING & FUN - With this beginner kit you aren't just gifting a child something they can play with for're exposing them to educational STEM principles that will help them in school and beyond. Join thousands of happy parents and kids...Click Add-to-Cart to Order a set Today!

A BIG Kit of Microscopic Fun

Would the special child in your life love exploring and discovery the hidden world of microscopic specimens?

Do believe that kids should have access to high quality scientifically sound equipment for their own experiments and fun?

CamLabs premium microscope kit includes everything your child needs to start making thrilling observations of the world around them.

Full Kit Contents:

  • 1 High Quality Microscope
  • 1 WF 10X Eyepiece Lens
  • 1 WF 16X Eyepiece Lens
  • 25 Prepared Slides
  • Electric Power Plug
  • 5 Blank Slides
  • 5 Cover Slips
  • 1 Pack of Slide Labels
  • 1 Pack of Lens Cleaning Paper
  • 1 Forceps
  • 1 Plastic Test Tube
  • 1 Plastic Petri Dish
  • 1 Wooden Pick
  • 1 Cotton Swab
  • 1 Straight Dissecting Needle
  • 1 Bottle of Red Stain
  • 1 Bottle of Blue Stain
  • 1 Dropper

Life Long Learning

Kids exposed to educational concepts at an early age do better in school, college and in the workforce.

The best part about our microscope set is your kids will be too busy having fun to realize they’re learning value STEM skills and the foundational concepts of the scientific method on a real authentic microscope.

Fantastic Gift

Our microscope has a variety of zoom levels from 10x all the way up to 640x! That’s 1.6 times more powerful than the next leading student microscope!

Join thousands of happy customers…Click Add-to-Cart to order your premium microscope science set Today!

microscope kit for kids 8-12
microscope kit for kids 8-12
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microscope for kids

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